Reviews on Pet Heroes Fireman Game for Kids

Reviews on Pet Heroes Fireman Game for Kids
0.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.

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Yoo-hoo! It is the pet city that can totally fascinate you with its stunning beauty. Blue sky, green grasses, murmuring stream…whatever emerges in the fairyland does exist in this city. On top of that, several brave firemen are living here, they are the super heroes who keep this beautiful place safe.

You know our heroes never let their guard down in case people may need them at any time. Look~ the building here and the forest there both are on fire. And what’s going on with the workers on the road? Oops, a big tree is in the way and they can’t move it. What a tough nut to crack! Hey, a helpless kid is crying under the tree because his kite got stuck there. Whoa~ looks like our firemen are gonna be as busy as bees. Could you please give them a hand? To fight with them and to be a member of them!

Beep~ Beep~ the truck is standing by. Pretty cool, huh? Along the road, you can enjoy the fun of driving as well as the beauty of the city. Shh~ that’s the sound of the alarm! Honey, let’s move!

How to play:

Open the game, slide the pets and choose one to get the ball rolling. See~ the truck is ready there, you can easily start it by pulling the “Handle” on the right. And never forget the tips: pull up to speed up, and pull down to slow down. And take it easy if you are driving in the reverse direction, click the “Blue Arrow” to make a “U-turn”. There you go! Oh, no, watch out for the street lamp! Just slide left or right to control the direction! Phewww~ that was close! Well, have you noticed the “Steering Wheel” on the top? Take a shot at tapping it! It’s gonna be fun! Hey, listen~ alarm! Check the radar on the top right and get to the scene ASAP. Come on! Full speed ahead! When you are driving, keep an eye out for the “Sign” which pops up from the left. It may tell you someone is in trouble at this very moment, just click it or stop the truck to figure things out. Aha! A talented kid like you deserves the “Loving Hearts”, with which you can exchange for medals. Sweetheart, you are born to be a hero. It’s time to go with your partner and save the city out of danger!


  • 6 brave and lovely pets to stand by you
  • 11 mini-games fascinate you with its non-stop fun
  • Enjoy driving the cool truck
  • Collect more loving hearts to exchange for fabulous medals
  • Fun-filled animations perfectly meet kids’ favor
  • 3D-vision brings you into a wonderland
Reviews on Pet Heroes Fireman Game for Kids
0.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.
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Date Updated: May 12,2015
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